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Warmer weather, more smiles and an array of events coming up!

Today is so pleasantly warm and the people of Komazawa are smiling!

Almost every order here at Pretty Things has been an iced drink and there is good energy all around. I'm sure those who have the day off are lapping it up even more! Apparently the rest of the week, the weekend and next week is going to be just as pleasant so I've put together a few things you could do around town. In particular, I highly recommend you to see one exhibition which will end very soon!


Firstly, the Kunisada X Kuniyoshi collection of Ukiyo - e woodcut prints is a must see exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo. This particular collection includes the contrasting styles of two of the most successful Ukiyo - e artists from the Edo period. It is definitely worth ¥1600 as the collection seems almost endless there is so much to see! Almost every section is just as impressive as the last.

I visited the exhibition during Golden Week, which was not the smartest move. There were people every where and it was one of the biggest struggles ever just to get a glimpse of it. I had old ladies nudging their rolled up exhibition info catalogues into my back and all sorts of people crossing over the line so they could make sure they got their ¥1600 worth by actually shoving their faces into the art work, so I felt I should get my yen worth too.

My strategy was rather simple actually, I just skipped the line and admired from behind and whenever there was a slightly cosier looking section with less people, I tried to get there in time before the old ladies and face shovers appeared. My tip is to go on a week day if possible to avoid any unpleasantness. >_<

A lot of the work is based on Kabuki actors or the socialites of that era, presenting the various activities of their everyday lives. Basically, you could compare it to celebrity magazines or the social pages in the newspaper that we have nowadays. A very beautiful and intruiging insight so go and check it out because it will be over soon!



Another event to check out is the Otonano festival in Odaiba on Monday 23rd of May from 17:30pm. I don't have that many details about it but I do know that METAFIVE will be performing live and I've heard they are pretty energetic and amazing live so it may just be worth it to see them! Just in case you didn't know, METAFIVE is made up of DJ Towa Tei, Takahashi Yukihiro, Sunahara Yoshinori, Gondo Tomohiko and Leo Imai.


Here's the link: http://www.tbs.co.jp/otonano/event/


Next Friday 27th May my beloved New Order will be playing live at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba, which is right next door to Ageha. You may still be able to get tickets from your local konbini or purchase them at the door for around ¥10,000, but not 100% sure so please do your research if you're keen, as it may be something you'll regret not going to. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll leave you with a few photos of some other events that will be on in the near future. 


7bb87290958ed9d9079d3d2c2bd86bceecf1df37.jpgHa couldn't get past Noolio!



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