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Bowery Kitchen feature and Pretty Market news!

This morning I made iced coffee for Pretty Things. During Winter I didn't have to make it at all as it's not really the season for it but due to the warmer weather recently, we are making it a lot more often. I find our iced coffee is a lot tastier than others and not just because it's ours but because it just is. Try it for yourself! Thumbnail image for afc02b43ce552bcb8bf6097b6202d7395f1c3482.jpg This is what I ate for lunch at Bowery Kitchen. It's called Omu rice オムライス and is definitely one of the best dishes on the menu. Thumbnail image for 2f1170733963f5556b56e8775b03102608aab801.jpg Also I was a little spoiled today. One of our lovely kitchen staff gave me some mini waffles too! Thumbnail image for f8dbf77f9c12aea56b3a2e48f5853bcd6c28e1cf.jpg Today, I also had to prepare a little for the Pretty Market, which we hold once a month. It's this Saturday and Sunday so drop past even if it's for a short time. Thumbnail image for c54fa21e3cd4dfa3eb507640336d6574a8eddb9a.jpg Thumbnail image for 4bb47d521364161235750ef52aeda9d02fb67360.jpg

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