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This morning I made iced coffee for Pretty Things. During Winter I didn't have to make it at all as it's not really the season for it but due to the warmer weather recently, we are making it a lot more often. I find our iced coffee is a lot tastier than others and not just because it's ours but because it just is. Try it for yourself! This is what I ate for lunch at Bowery Kitchen. It's called Omu rice オムライス and is definitely one of the best dishes on the menu. Also I was a little spoiled toda…
Good morning! It's Saturday and if you've ever been to the Komazawa area, especially around the park, you would be very aware that it is a jogger's paradise. These guys are everywhere! I already felt bad enough because I only walked about 5 minutes today and that was basically from my house to the best niku man (pork bun) store ever and then hopped into a cab to work...ha. Anyway, so just giving you an idea of what it's like in Komazawa on the weekends. Lots of fit people everywhere jogging arou…
This is my first entry and I am very excited to share a mix of news, events and recommendations mostly in association with all of the folks at TMS, including staff from Pretty Things, Bowery Kitchen, Lotus, So Tired, Henry Good Seven, Montoak, Irving Place and the newbie, San Tropez. I will also share any info I may have on various events going on in Tokyo and what I regularly get up to in this amazing city and it's surrounding areas.  Let's get started with Pretty Things. This is where I'm bas…
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