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Good morning! おはよう!

Good morning! It's Saturday and if you've ever been to the Komazawa area, especially around the park, you would be very aware that it is a jogger's paradise. These guys are everywhere! I already felt bad enough because I only walked about 5 minutes today and that was basically from my house to the best niku man (pork bun) store ever and then hopped into a cab to work...ha. Anyway, so just giving you an idea of what it's like in Komazawa on the weekends. Lots of fit people everywhere jogging around with or without their pet dogs. I guess you could say it's rather lively, therefore here at Pretty Things, it's almost always the busiest time of the week! 

Take a look at my first customer of the day and don't worry animal lovers, no coffee was actually given to this pup. 


Every time I work I can choose any records I wish to play. Here are today's! CAN vs YMO. I can't really tell you how I make my decision on what to play each time but basically I just experiment with a variety of different genres. Sometimes I get a bit carried away though and play Daft Punk really loudly in the mornings and the only customers in the shop are over the age of 70, so I guess at times maybe I should consider my choices a bit more carefully......


Oh and here is a photo of me drinking a lovely soy iced au lait. You could have one too if you drop by! Happy Saturday!

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