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Today is so pleasantly warm and the people of Komazawa are smiling! Almost every order here at Pretty Things has been an iced drink and there is good energy all around. I'm sure those who have the day off are lapping it up even more! Apparently the rest of the week, the weekend and next week is going to be just as pleasant so I've put together a few things you could do around town. In particular, I highly recommend you to see one exhibition which will end very soon! Firstly, the Kunisada X Kuni…
We are in the middle of Golden week here in Japan. The weather is quite warm and sunny but these strong gusts of wind are just horrible! Honestly, if there is anything that I hate more, it's strong wind. It makes me want to do a Sinead or Britney so I don't have to brush my hair every 5 minutes.   At least here at Pretty Things the Iced coffee amount is endless and it is keeping me going today. I think I've had about 4 glasses already! Good vibes today thanks to that and today's choice of record…
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